Production unit for the application and the drying of water based compounds, this user-friendly system guarantees high production with excellent quality in a limited workspace.
Special devices are used to handle lids through the machine which prevent damages to the lids from being dented, scratched or soiled.
Easy and fast tool size change over: only a few parts have to be replaced or set up, adjustments are extremely fast.
The lids must have the curled edge and their shape has to be such that they have no tendency in sticking-on one into the other.

  • Independent speed control for each of rotating compound mandrel by drive unit
  • down stacker by warm in order to optimize and speed up the ends down stacking operation
  • oven equipped with pockets holders to avoid any damages or scratches on the lids
  • oven with fast tool size change over
  • electronic safety device for ame control
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Independent speed control of rotating compound mandrel by drive unit, down stacker by warm in order to optimize and speed up the ends down stacking operation, independent velocity control for main motor of the machine by drive unit, gears box in oil pool, automatic lubrication for all sliding or moving parts, machine controlled by means of PLC.
Pneumatic lifting up of ends feeder for inspection or cleaning, feeding magazine with stack-level control and with blocking device, safety device no lid –  no compound, automatic instant stop in case of jams, with closing of nozzle.
Compound applicator is equipped with electromagnetic nozzle, control of compound application unit by means of an electronic system which has the following advantages:
– easy set up for compound distribution for various production speeds
– easy set up of application unit for different sizes
– application unit equipped with compound ushing system
Compound applicator includes:
– 1 x electronic case for liner timing complete with cables, connecting plugs, two sensors
– 1 x electromagnetic compound ejector
– 1 x single compound pump with one tap, pressure regulator, lters

Diameter range mm 45 – 99 109 – 189
Number of lanes nr. 1 1
Output per minute nr. 350 250
Installed power Kw 4,5 4,5
Net weight Kg 900 900
Packing dimensions cm 180x110x210 180x110x210

Upon request we supply:
– Set of special parts to work aluminium can ends
– Pneumatic pump to feed the compound directly from drum, getting rid of the drawbacks connected with the traditional pressure tank. It is made of stainless steel and is tted with one lter and one output, with
pressure setting


Automatic machine for compound drying on round, oval or rectangular ends and aerosol can domes, quick and efcient drying by means of hot air blown on the lids by an electro blower, ends are conveyed inside the oven with special pockets made of heat-resistant plastic in order to avoid damages or scratches on lids, automatic temperature control and set up, electronic safety device for ame control and automatic safety block, rapid and automatic size change over on both sides, machine equipped with magnetic exit belt to bring lids out from the oven.

Diameter range mm 45 – 189
Number of lanes nr. 1
Output per minute nr. 350
Burner type RIELLO 40F5D
Gas heating type Natural gas, LPG
Max temperature 110
Installed power Kw 2,5
Net weight Kg 1100
Packing dimensions cm 460x160x220

Upon request we supply:
– Electrical heater
– Horizontal magnetic single stacker to be applied at output of vertical oven, it is designed for collecting in one horizontal stack round can ends of tinplate coming out of a vertical oven, it consists of one magnetic
belt, one magnetic wheel and one staking channel.