Installation, layout supervision, start-up, commissioning, the after-sales service technicians, supervise installation, production line layout, start-up and training. This service is available with purchase of complete lines or with purchase of individual machines.
Training courses at our premises, our technical staff  will guide your production, maintenance staff at our premises through a full training program, our training program includes production set-up, maintenance procedures, fault-finding, visiting local end making factories where we are present by our machines.

Machinery overhauling and up-dating, take second hand machinery from your store and make them working and reliable again by an overhauling with replacement of all worn mechanical parts/components, fitting new lubrication unit, new pneumatic components, new electrical panels, or by an up-dating with installation of a new concept of strip feeding which has been developed under the name of PICK AND PLAY already successfully installed on different strip feed press models like BLISS 1831, CEVOLANI PD 90, CEVOLANI PDV 94, FMI A 701, FMI 1221, KARGES HAMMER P 250, MB 314, ZAGO,.