MODEL RCG 422 / RMZ 424

This machine is capable of producing scrolled strips for end production, it is a stamping shear, processing straight trimmed or primary scrolled sheets, machine designed for edge cutting and scroll cutting, the edge cutting is made by two couples of circular knives placed at the end of back table (called rst table or feeding table); the scroll cutting is made by a cutting device called shearing tool, placed at the end of the front table (called second table or middle table), highly versatile, It can be used to process bright, lacquered and printed sheets made from tinplate, TFS, aluminium.
Machine allows to process both tin plate and aluminium sheets with the maximum sheet exploitation with minimum geometrical scrap, accuracy by back register, xed pitch sheet calibrator bars allowing for high precision, even in case of printed pre-scrolled sheets, electro-pneumatic brake clutch unit, automatic centralised lubrication, all functions controlled by PLC.
New RICOME machines are built with our traditional standards of durability and solidity. This allows used machinery to maintain value in the time.
Spare parts for wear and tear parts are always available in our warehouse.

Min. sheet size mm 500 x 500
Max sheet size mm 1.200 x 1.200
Ram stroke mm 50
Sheet thickness mm 0.15-0.40
Strip width mm 80-270
Strokes per minute nr. 150
Cuts per sheet nr. 2-10
Installed power Kw 11,5
Net weight Kg 4500
Packing dimensions cm 600 x 220 x 180
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